Common Questions

What is your typical check size?

Our first check is typically in the range of $100K-$300K.

What are your expectations in terms of valuation?

Between a $4M-$10M post-money. This will vary depending on the company and the circumstances.

Do you invest outside the US?

Most of our investing is done in the US and Canada, but we’re always open to international opportunities.

Do you lead rounds?

We’re happy to make our decision before a lead is in place, and we can set terms and lead if it’s a smaller round with a number of checks, but most of the time we are 2nd or 3rd largest check in a round.

Do you follow on in later rounds?

The majority of this fund will be deployed as first checks, but in some cases we will follow-on or spin up an SPV to continue participating in later financings.

What are your typical terms?

Most of our deals are done on a standard post-money SAFE note for speed and simplicity, but we also love a priced equity round if the dynamics and timing make sense (typically for larger raises).

What verticals do you focus on?

We’re very much a generalist firm - but are currently drawn to categories like financial tech,enterprise SaaS, consumer tech, property tech, and legal tech. Focus areas will shift and evolve.

What do I need ready to submit my startup for investment consideration?

You need a deck URL and the submission form should take you under 3 minutes. We’d love to see a 1-minute video pitch as well, though not required.